Silent Secretary respects the confidentiality; both of our clients as well as their records.  To insure this, Silent Secretary regards all client records as privileged and confidential.  No client information is released from Silent Secretary, regardless of the request, other than to authorized personnel or mandated governmental authorities.  Silent Secretary also realizes that the confidentiality of our clients is important, and therefore deems the name and all company/individual information as confidential, and does not release this information, without the prior specific authorization of the client.

Silent Secretary will not, under any circumstances, release information to persons other than authorized client personnel.  Any requests for information from other than client authorized personnel will be denied, and the client will be notified immediately of the request for release of information.  All clients, at the inception of the establishing an account, will provide a list of authorized individuals and Silent Secretary must be notified in advance, in writing, of any changes to the list of authorized personnel. 

Silent Secretary recognizes the fact that any and all information pertaining to the clients records is confidential information.  To this end, all employees and/or independent contractors of Silent Secretary are required to sign a statement of confidentiality, which insures that each employee and/or independent contractor, regardless of their status with the company, will uphold the confidentiality of our clients.  This includes administrative, management, supervisory and clerical staff, as well as transcriptionists.  A sample of those agreements is available upon request.

Silent Secretary employs the following additional confidentiality and security procedures:

1.    All documents, reports and logs referring to client and/or its records are stored on password protected storage devices.

2.    All hard copy documents referring to client (from properties) after use in Silent Secretary offices.

3.    All documents transmitted via the Internet are encrypted and password protected unless otherwise established by the client.

Silent Secretary warrants that it will take all measures to insure compliance with all procedures and guidelines as listed herein.  The client will be notified in writing within 24 hours upon Silent Secretary becoming aware a breach in confidentiality of records or information.