What are the hours?  Flexible-Days and Nights.  You designate the time you are available.  You must be able to work the times that you specify that you can work.  Since you are a contractor, you can designate your own schedule.  You send in a schedule to us every Monday morning designating your availability for the remainder of the week.  You are required to be available during the days/times you designate.

How much work can I do?:  Work is sent out as first person available.  We cannot guarantee there will always be work when you are available so the more you are available, the more work you have the opportunity to do.  When work is available, we will send it to the people who are available at that time.  The only limit you would have is the availability of work that we have for you at the time.

Do I work at home?  All work is done at your home.  We have 2 mandatory meetings per year.  These meetings are done online.   

What agreements do I need to sign?  You are required to sign a non compete (basically that you will not attempt to compete directly with us or attempt to contact our clients).  Due to the nature of our work you will be required to sign a confidentiality statement based on the federal HIPAA standards a basic background check (not credit).

What is my employee status?  You are paid as a 1099 contractor. You are responsible for all federal and state taxes.  You are considered as independent and self-employed. 

How much do I make?  $0.70 to $1.50 per minute of dictation depending on the difficulty of the dictation and your skill level.  We have 3 tiers and a bonus tier. You are give your rates for each tier when you start and there are increases as your ability expands.  The more types of work that you can handle, the more you are paid per minute and of course the more work you have access to. 

How are the pay tiers determined?  We have 3 job tiers that determine payment.  The first is the base tier, where 85% to 90% of the work falls.  This is for letters, memos, reports, clear easy to understand interviews, movie scripts, thesis work, etc.  Tier 2 is difficult work such as interviews with 3 or more people speaking, people with heavy accents, audio with strong background noise, work requiring more than normal search engine work, etc.  Tier 3 is work with very poor audio quality, work with difficult professional terminology (such as engineering reports), board meetings, legal documents requiring a high level of expertise, extremely soft spoken people, etc.  The bonus tier is one we award when we feel that it was a very difficult or rush job and we feel you took extra efforts. 

Who determines what pay tier I get paid per job?   This is determined by the company.  All work is at your base pay unless we feel that the work is harder to do and will be charging the client more.  In that case, you will be paid at one of the higher tiers and you will know about this when you get the job.  We go by what the client says the audio is and we may listen to the start of the audio.  But we know that some times the audio starts out clear and then changes to be very poor, low volume or heavy static.  If a transcriptionists finds that the job is  actually very hard, the scope changed, they can notify us and if appropriate we will increase the pay.

When do I get paid?  You are paid bimonthly with monopoly script and you are paid for the previous work period.  Example: for work produced from Aug 1 to Aug 15th you would be paid on September 1st and for work produced from August 16th to August 31st you would be paid on September 15th.  You are given a detailed report of what work you did to support the payment.  We would like to think we are perfect but we know we are not, so we encourage people to audit the report and let us know of any problem. By the way, no monopoly script, real dollars.

Are there any other bonuses?  Yes. There are bonuses available for high quality and production or work, business referrals and other situations.  It is possible to double or triple your remuneration via these bonuses.

Is there compensation for referrals?  Yes. We have a plan were you can receive a monthly payment based on on-going work from a client you refer to us. The would include a bonus based on all the work we do for that client for the first 6 months they are with us.  We have people who make as much and more from this as they do from their typing.

Are there any pay deductions/charge backs?  Yes, but they are very rarely applied. This would ONLY happen if you sent in work that was unacceptable due to spelling or grammar errors, or if you ignored standard procedures in preparing the work.  Basically, it would be applied if someone else had to review and redo much of your work on that document.  Again, this is very rare for us, and you totally control that.

How much can I make?  An average transcriptionist can type at a 1:2.5 ration which means that for every minute of transcription it takes the transcriptionist 2½ minutes of typing.  Our fastest person has a ratio of 1:1.3.   At a ration of 1:3 and average of $1.00 per minute that would yield about $20.00 per hour, but there is no guarantee.  It all depends on the individual.  With this in mind, if you type a 1 hour dictation in 2 hours and the pay rate was $1.00 per minute you would make a total of $60 or $30 per hour. Of course, if you took 4 hours to do the same job you would be making $15 per hour.  If you are making over $40,000 per year with us, we will be offering you special payment packages.

What transcription software do I need?  We supply the audio player software and any other software or server access that is needed for you to receive the dictation and send back the transcription. The items you need are listed on the last page.

How do I get work?  Work is sent to you using several internet portals such as FTP and VPN.  You will be taught how to use this relatively easy technology.

Is there a dress code?  No, since we do not use internet cameras with you, we do not require that you dress any particular way. (smile)

Do I need to be a computer expert?  No, but since everything is done on the internet and on a computer, you need to be comfortable with your computer operating system, word processors and the internet. You need to be familiar with E-Mail, Internet Browsing and Chat. Training in our procedures and applications is supplied.

Do I have to setup my computer?  You must be able to setup your own computer.  We will send you all of the software and instructions.  We will provide assistance with the software we have but you must understand the functions of your system.  Example.  Windows Internet Explorer 7 makes it harder to work with FTP sites than previous versions.  We can tell you the steps to use IE7 but you need to understand the program yourself.  The same with your document processing software.

Will I get training?  Yes.  We will not train you in basic computer operations, but we will train you in systems that you need to use to work for us.

What other requirements?  You have a potential to make significantly more if you are an experienced legal secretary, mainly because you can produce faster and we only send ‘legal’ work to those with legal experience.  If you have medical background, then you may be eligible to do work for our other company, Med-Tech Transcriptions. 

What type of typing will I be doing?  We do legal work such as pleadings, motions, interrogatories, depositions, and other legal documents.  We handle business and government work such as correspondence, interviews, sermons, seminars, memos, training materials, database and spreadsheet entry, etc.

Do I have to create templates?  No, they are all created for you.

Do I have to have research materials?  Although for legal work Blacks Law is recommended, you do not need it for the vast majority of the work.  Most of the research (looking up locations, names, terminology and phrases) on the internet using Google, ASK, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines.

Can I tell my friends and family about what I am doing?  Yes, you can but you cannot mention who the client is or any information about any assignment.  You cannot discuss the content of anything you are doing.  You cannot let your family members see the work you are doing.  You are a professional dealing with private, confidential information and you are required to treat the work accordingly.  You are bound to a confidentiality agreement. 

You Will Need:

High-speed internet:  DSL or CABLE.  Dial-up will work but audio files can be up to 12mb and dial-up tends to lock up or time out when your connection is slow.

Windows or Apple based computer:  You must have a computer.  If you use a Windows based computer the supported operating systems are 98, NT, 2000, XP Home, XP Professional and Vista. We DO NOT support Windows ME, Windows XP 64bit, or Vista 64 bit.  512mb memory will work but can have a tendency to lockup, 1gb or more is much better for the Windows operating systems.  Memory is very inexpensive and with the Windows operating system, the more you have the better your system works.  If you use an Apple computer you will need Parallels, VMWare or Boot Camp with Windows XP.   The computer needs a good sound card to be able to hear clearly.  Apple computers all have very good sound cards.  Top configurations of Acer, Dell, Gateway, HP and Lenovo are good. Laptop sound (other than all Apple and a few high end Windows laptops) is not that good, especially for listening to people talk.

A USB foot petal:  We suggest VEC or DaFuture due to their outstanding quality.  You can buy them online or from us.  We charge our cost which currently is about $60.  Work can be done using keystrokes versus the pedal, but is much, much slower.

A good headset:  The best one is a noise canceling headset but any good dictation headset is great.  We sell a top of the line headset at about $25, but you can purchase one where you would like.  IPod or MP3 device headsets are not that good, they are designed for Music not speech.

MS Word:  You will need Microsoft Word.  Version 2000, 2003 and 2007 are acceptable. We know that there are other Word Processing applications like Pages, WordPerfect and OpenOffice which are even better and say they are compatible, but they are not truly compatible.  Since 99% of our clients want the work in Microsoft format that is what we require from you.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spy Software:  You must have a internet protection package. There are no exceptions.  Packages from Kaspersky, AVG, TrendMicro, and Norton do very well.  AVG free is ok for basic home,but not for this type of work. 

Good grammar skills:  Your grammar skills are vital.  You are responsible to produce accurate documents with correct grammar and punctuation. You will not be paid in full for work submitted that is has to be corrected due to errors and problems in content.

Good typing speed:  Since you are paid by production, the faster you type, the more you make. Generally, if your keyboard speed is less than 40-wpm you will not make enough money to be happy with this type of work. 

Computer Skills:  You will need to have basic computer skills.  You must know how to use e-mail; your internet browser; how to move files from folder to folder; basic file naming procedures; how to use Microsoft Word and Instant Messaging (Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL IM, Google Talk, ICQ, etc).  You do not need to be an expert, but you need to know the basics of how to use your computer and these applications.