From the way hollywood scriptwriters show it, all that police do is go to the scene of an incident and talk about what they did last night and immediately resolve the situations. They never discuss the part of the job that consumes the majority of an officers time...paperwork. We are here help you with that.

Transcription outsourcing has been a growing workflow enhancement for large and small Law Enforcement Agencies across the nation.  The endless stream of reports and reports and oh, did we mention reports, are enough to make an officer wonder if they are a police officer or secretary.  Add to that the crunch of budget cutting and departments nationwide are struggling to keep up with the flow of documentation required by the judicial system.

Silent Secretary can help ease the burden of document preparation.  We serve local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and US Attorneys offices.   We fit well into you workflow.  Some of the many services we offer:

Witness Statements
Daily Patrol Reports
Radio Communication
Wiretap Recordings
Internal Affairs Matters
Investigation Reports
Dashcam/Video Recordings Transcripts
Narratives and Q&A
General Correspondence


Due to the varied environments, in an interrogation room, at a crime scene or a covet setup, these types of recordings can be difficult yet the content is vital to the investigations.  The recordings include multiple speakers and a litany of difficulties such as uncooperative suspects, distraught witnesses, individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, background noise, muffled audio, unidentified speakers, gang and street slang, and other terminology and nuances that are common to law enforcement.  Our team members are highly skilled and experienced with producing these difficult transcripts.


One of the more interesting workflow processes that law enforcement agencies are starting to use, is to allow their officers to dictate many standardized reports. Since the average person speaks 7 times faster than the fastest typists the time savings for these officers is significant. If your patrol and detective staff spend even one hour a day filling out reports that can be dictated this amounts to an annual time savings of 1250 man hours per year for each officer dictating reports. These are transcribed delivered back for review and sign off for accuracy and quality assurance by the officer. Based on a 40 hour week and 50 weeks per year this significant time savings of man-hours is like adding another officer to your staff for each pair of dictating officers utilizing this workflow model. In addition reports are available to your staff faster and even the audio files can be saved along with any transcribed reports for extended periods of time.

We can handle your reports regardless of how they are produced- Handheld recorders, call in telephone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, in-car recording devices or video systems.   Transferring of these can be almost immediate, reducing the turn around time for the finial report.


Silent Secretary prides itself in its security and confidentiality practices, all designed to protect your documentation.  From confidentiality statements required of all personal to double blind secure storage of your reports.  Professional Standards and Internal Affairs divisions trust us to handle their work professionally and securely.