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As you look on the internet you will find many companies that publish a standard price for transcription.  We do not because our prices are designed to fit your needs.  We are not the lowest priced because we provide the highest quality standards possible.  We do not have your work typed overseas.  We edit EVERY document and have constant training of our transcriptionists.  Even with all of that, you will find our pricing VERY competitive and a solid return on your cost.

We price our services in several methods.  Primarily we charge by the audio minute.  Thus if you have a ten minute audio and your pricing is $1.65 per minute, your cost is $16.50.  This is a very convenient and popular method.  But we know that some clients require pricing per page, per line, or per word.

Along with contract/agreement/volume pricing we have some plans where you pay one flat price per month for unlimited dictation. 


We make sending work into us as easy a possible yet totally secure. Here are the options available to you:

  • Send audio and video files via secure internet link. We have several methods, each designed to fit your specific needs.
  • Call-in via phone to our secure digital recording system
  • Record and send in audio on your iPhone, Blackberry or Android with a free application.
  • Record dictation on a PC with our free software package
  • Send your audio and video via FedEX or UPS.

Rather than list all of the acronyms for the security standard, we can say  we use only the most secure methodology to secure your information, in compliance with all know standards.