Investigative firms and investigators are under increasingly tight time deadlines to provide their clients with reports on the their subjects.  A large part of the investigation can include interviews of person or person(s) involved in an incident.

As important, if not more important is the accuracy of the information gathered from the interview.  The person reading the report must be able to gather all of the needed data from the transcript.

One of services our clients like is are ability to produce Absolute Verbatim transcripts.  If appropriate for the client we note things like stuttering, delayed response, shuffling chair, sighs, etc.  All of these can be critical to a legal specialist reviewing our report. 

We can transcribe your interviews from any media.  We can also supply you with free Blackberry©, iPhone©, Android© and iPad© applications allowing reports to be delivered even faster. With agreements we supply your staff with recorders, specialized conference microphones and other items to help you get the work produced better and faster.

Another popular service is transcription of field reports.  One of the most difficult parts of the job are to get field reports from agents turned in to the office in a timely manner as well as being legible.  Using one of our free smartphone applications or our 800 telephone call-in system, your field agents can dictate in their notes, while still at a surveillance site and you can have them the next morning.  Less chance of missing details, not gathering data because inability to write fast enough or the office team needing a handwriting specialist.

Contact us for a trial of our services, to see how we can actually save you time, money and allow you to offer your client better services.